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With Echoes KolKo set out to develop dance art for the youngest (6-14 months) and their close adults, envisioning a performance that with movement in focus, would unfold for the babies on their own terms. KolKo searched for a form that would allow babies to explore and reflect on their own, yet together with their close adult. The performance was developed with artistic advice of choreographer Dalija Acin Thelander and in cooperation with several baby-adult reference groups.

The title Echoes refers to the ongoing loop of movement. Movement that spontaneously starts in the baby is continuously captured and esthetically expressed by the dancers and echoed back to the babies to absorb and experience. The form can be described as an ongoing interactive dance echo.

The performance space, created by scenographer Linda Irenedotter, has a soft floor and walls and allows for the baby to move around freely. The 4 meter tall pyramid shape, centered in the dance space, is stable yet soft and possible for the baby to grab and hold on to.

The dramaturgy is adapted to the way babies explore and experience the world. Opportunity is given the babies to feel, mimic and observe movement as well as the possibility to turn away and reflect.

Soundscapes, composed by Sebastian Forslund, triggers the curiosity to move and offer both warmth and groove.

Echoes had premiere on feb 13th 2016 at Kungsängens Kulturhus, Stockholm.

Idea & choreography: KolKo

Music: Sebastian Forslund

Set design: Linda Irenedotter Ingemansson

Artistic advice: Dalija Acin Thelander