Wink of an eye

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Wink of an eye includes a educational material with inspiration and tips on how to continue working with the theme in preschool and primary school.

Wink of an eye is a performance without clear narrative, focusing on the visual and atmospheric experience, where the imagination helps us to travel quickly between different moments, stimulating the children’s interpretative ability. Inspiration and background to the performance comes from Karin Helander, professor of theatrical science and director at Center for Child Culture Research at Stockholm University.

She means that children do not need to understand art in the way we adults usually do. They create their own individual experience, linked to their world and what interests them. They can long remember symbols and details that we may perceive as insignificant. With this as inspiration and starting point, the performance developed around the theme – imagination.

Wink of an eye premiered in May 2012 and was produced with the support of Stockholm City and County.