T H E S E  SP A C E S, T H E S E  P E O P L E is a shortfilm made in Haninge muncipality. The film portrays people from Haninge that together with KolKo have explored movements and spaces in their everyday life. The portraits reflects personal movement stories and spaces wich signifies the subjects ordinary life, creating a dancefilm that takes place somewhere in between the documentary style and the dance-aesthetic expression.

IDE: KolKo
PHOTO: Alexander Rynéus
DIRECTOR: Sara Johansson & Sandra Fredriksson, KolKo
EDITOR: Alexander Rynéus, Sara Johansson & Sandra Fredriksson
SCORE: Tobias Ljungkvist & Filiph Antonsson
SOUND EDITORS: Tobias Ljungkvist & Alexander Rynéus

Produced with suport from Haninge muncipality, DIS/Dans i Stockholm stad och län, Swedish Arts Council and  Stockholms County Council.